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If you are using a computer without a VPN your IP address and location can easily be detected by any website or any human.

In 2020 every single site on the web uses to track there user data like IP addresses or locations.

What is my IP address?

You can see your IP address and location detail using our small IP and location detecting tool.

Below is your real IP address

For hiding your real IP-address use a better VPN that doesn’t leak your DNS.

For finding more about the DNS leak you may visit our old post about the DNS leak.

The Tor browser is enough to secure and better than using a VPN because there is no chance of DNS leak and 100 of other reasons that you can find into these posts.

We recommend everyone use a better VPN that can enhance more security.

Compersion tor to a VPN

FeaturesVPNTor browser
Hide IPYesYes
DNS Leak PreventionYes, not all VPNYes
CookiesYes, cookies are enabledNo cookies on tor
Browser FingerprintVPN can’t stop fingerprintsNo fingerprints on tor
PriceFree and paid bothFree
Java and flash cookiesYes, java and flash cookies are availableno java or flash cookies
what is my ip address and tracing test result
Tracing and IP testing

Panopticlick is an amazing tool to check yours against trace.

Java and flash cookies are always easy to trace anyone’s activity even they can know that what song you are listening to or videos you are watching.

You can use all the privacy tools available over the web but the browser is still the privacy protection option available over the internet. All the links for testing the privacy you can see above in the post.

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