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Versus market website stands on no 10 on the dark web, including 10k products with 1k trustful vendors, established since 2019.

Versus Market

The versus market has the same process as all onion sites, Simply open the website link on tor browsers and start buying the products using cryptocurrency. In this marketplace, you can check vendors listing and reviews clearly. Most products are available in a Spray.

Product Category:

  • Benzos
  • Cannabis
  • Dissociatives
  • Ecstacy
  • Opioids
  • Security and hosting
  • Services
  • Software and malware

Market feature:

ScamTicket system is available
2FAYes, 2FA is enable
ReviewYou can check vendor fees, also provide a feedback
SupportForum is also available for ask FAQ
SearchAmazing search options to find products

The website is working fine and available for everyone.

Market url:

Versus Dreadhttp://dreadytofatroptsdj6io7l3xptbet6onoyno2yv7jicoxknyazubrad.onion/d/Versus

The website is up and working fine for everyone.

To purchase from the market all you need to buy some bitcoin that you can buy from online sites like bitpanda, Paxful, or the nearest bitcoin ATM.

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