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Hydra market place is the oldest Russian market over the dark web, the market is available in more than 10 languages and establishes since 2016.

Hydra Market

hydra market image 1
hydra market image 1
Hydra market image 2
Hydra Market Image 2

To access the market you may go to our must-read page for getting started, in a simple way all you need a tor browser to access the onion hidden site. You can use VPN for enhancing more security buyers are ok without the VPN.

Product Category:

  • Марихуана (Marijuana)
  • Cтимуляторы (Stimulant)
  • Эйфоретики (Eiporetics)
  • Психоделики (Psychedelics)
  • Экстази (Ecstasy)
  • Диссоциативы (Dissociatives)
  • Опиаты (Opiates)
  • Химические (Chemical)
  • Аптека (Pharmacy)
  • Обнал BTC (Cash out BTC)

For buying products from the market, you can use yandex translator to find product information and price.

Market common features:

ScamSupport ticket is available for refund
VendorSmall 200USD vendor bond
ReviewYou can wite feedback also can read review
2FAYes, You can protect account pass using 2FA
PGPYou can pgp secured message to talk

Hydra Link:


To purchase from this market you need to carry some bitcoins that you can buy from the nearest atm.

We recommend you to buy the fastest coin online from the bitpanda or paxful.

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