The marketplace is for digital sellers and physical products in all areas.

We want to offer a market that is free from theft, fair and with the highest security and still fast.

What makes BlackRy different?

– we don’t use wallets and cache the btc only and send it veiled and mixed after the purchase and after it was shipped to the seller directly within 12 hours.
– FE standard for everyone
– secure, high encryption: we know what we do to offer you a safe marketplace, the whole market is completely encrypted.
– theft free! We’ve seen it often enough, so we created this marketplace to give you all the opportunity to do business in a safe and secure environment
– free seller upgrades anytime, everyone should be able to start their business without investing
– refunds are managed by the seller himself
– long-lived and fast
– low fees (3%), these are needed to protect the buyer from scam.
– we are constantly working on new features

We are new and online since 2020.


Shadow Hacker

You can appoint some great hackers over this onion website for small jobs like Facebook, Twitter or any other social network also big jobs like DDOS attacks.

  • Email hacking
  • Social network hacking
  • Cell phone hacking
  • Whatsapp hacking
  • Skype hacking
  • Twitter hacking
  • Trace ip address
  • Website hacking
  • Bitcoin recovery
  • Do you want to know if your website, computer or network can be hacked?
  • Do you want to hack into a computer, website or network?

Social media threat

  • Has your WeChat , QQ, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account been hacked? In many cases, we can help restore it and track who does it.




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