Versus Market

One of the old dark web market place to buy all the drugs items and goods.

Products listed over versus market:

  • Drugs (Marijuana, Heroin, Cannabis)
  • Fraud (Paypal account, Netflix, Credit Cards)
  • Digital items (Porn premium accounts, tv premiums accounts)
  • Security and Hosting (Hosting, Socks, VPN)
  • Services (Carding, Social Engineering)
  • Legal Items (Clothing, Electronics)
  • Guides and Tutorials (Fraud, Hacking, Security, and Anonymity)
  • Digital Products (Ebook, Erotics, Games keys)
  • Stimulants (2-FA, Cocaine, Crack, Meth)
  • Prescription (ADHD, ED Sex Meds, Muscel Relaxer)
  • Psychedelics (2c-B, DMA, DMT, LSD)
  • Other (Alcohol)
  • Ecstacy
  • Benzos

Established: Since 2016

Trustfllow: 10/7

Vendors: At least 700 positive verified transactions on other markets required for becoming a vendor.

Payment Method: Bitcoins

2FA: Yes 2FA is enabled

PGP: no PGP encryption required for sending the message but the user can use PGP encrypted message for talk to vendors.

Support: Yes, there is a support option for the buyers

The website is still one of the best market over the dark web.



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