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Smuxi can be detached. Start a server, and connect to it from any computer, anywhere. Resuming is seamless and changes are updated on all computers, so you can check what was going on while you were away.


forum for drug market discussions and reviews.


Cyph is the most secure and easiest to use encrypted messenger.

Cyph provides security from a broad range of cryptographic attacks and very strong client-side crypto. The general conclusion of the test is that no major issues in regards to application security or cryptographic implementations could be spotted in spite of a thorough audit.


Communities, families, friends, schools, and companies. Keybase is for everyone, and it’s growing fast. Unlike Slack, it is free. And without ads.

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The “Private” category is gone because there is no longer a big need for it and people mistakenly categorised their off-topic questions here.I’m (slowly) getting around to backend changes for the website.


A forum for drug market discussions, news, and operational security guides created by anonymous individuals.

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  3. Be who you want to be
  4. Decentralization
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  6. Tor .onion Service
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