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About the Daniel’s hosting

This is my personal onion site, that I develop in my free time. I started development of this site in August or September 2013 when I wanted to have a platform to host files on, to use at school.
Quickly the idea of using a chat at school came up and I came across a simple perl chat script called LE-CHAT. When I deployed that on my Raspberry Pi it was running very slowly and wasn’t really usable for use with several people. So I decided to port some parts I needed to PHP.

Up until January 2017 I was using a Raspberry Pi first generation with 256MB RAM with an ARMv6 processor running at 700MHz and an 8GB SD-Card. I have since upgraded to a Raspberry Pi 3 with 1GB RAM and an Quadcore 1.2GHz Processor using a 128GB micro SD-Card. Now with also providing hosting of sites, I made another hardware upgrade and got myself a dedicated server with 32GB RAM, a Quadcore i7-2600 CPU running at 3.40GHz and two 3TB hard drives in a raid0 array.
Most services have been migrated to the new dedicated server, but some services still reside on the Raspberry Pi 3 at my home (mainly E-Mail, XMPP and a few pages, like this about). The software I use are Debian sid running NginX, MariaDB, Dovecot, Postfix, Postfixadmin, Squirrelmail, PHP-fpm (versions 7.0 and 7.1), cURL, Prosody, TOR, saslauth, PHPMyAdmin, Adminer, vsftpd, ssh and OpenVPN.


SecureDrop is an open-source whistleblower submission system that media organizations and NGOs can install to securely accept documents from anonymous sources. It was originally created by the late Aaron Swartz and is now managed by Freedom of the Press Foundation. SecureDrop is available in 18 languages.


Create a text note pad online anonymous text pad like justpaste


If blank, we’ll use the filename on your computer. If the file already exists under your username, we’ll overwrite it


Kowloon Hosting Services offers virtual hosting with .onion domain name creation at low prices.

Please, check our technologies and our services and pricing.
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  • Free image hosting service
  • Share your photos on forums, myspace, blogs, email
  • We host images up to 5MB in file size
  • Image Host does not allow the following types of files to be uploaded:
  • Images which violate copyrights or patents are not allowed.
  • Images which contain adult content such as pornography or excessive nudity.
  • Images which contain gruesome scenes, such as dead people or mutilations.
  • Images which violate the privacy of the individuals depicted are not allowed.
  • Images which are considered illegal in your country.
  • No time limit on stored images
  • Upload as many images as you would like
  • no registration required
  • Sharing Images with friends and family

Hello, my name is Daniel and this is my personal onion site, that I develop in my free time. This site is available as TOR hidden service or via my clearnet proxy danwin1210.me.This is just the landing page, you can navigate to the pages that interest you most by clicking on the entries in the navigation bar on the left.


Dark web file hosting service anonymous file sharing

Welcome to BlackCloud. A Tor Hidden Service where you can upload and share your files.

You can upload any type of file. Even you can upload HTML and JPEG files to build up a website.


This is the dark web hosting PasteThis – Tor based Pastebin


This tor website is providing Dark Web hidden image hosting and it’s 100% free

1. CHOOSE YOUR FILE!   |   you can also drag & drop a file into the box
only JPG GIF PNG   |   maximum file size: 5 MB   |   storage time at least 30 days
all image metadata will be automatically removed   |   files under 10kb size not accepted
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