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I work for the Naval Research Lab doing research and development on Tor, and sometimes the Internet in general.

Mascherari Press is an 
organization that publishes insights on anonymity & 
privacy to understand how they impact those that rely on them,
and to learn how to build better tools to empower people.

I’ve developed a Bash script that can automatically download and perform integrity verifications for various pieces of software, including Ubuntu ISOs, Kali Linux and some Windows software.


Like many other colleges, Virginia Tech has an extensive network of steam tunnels that run beneath much of the campus. These tunnels carry steam, electricity, and telecommunications lines throughout the campus and support Tech’s population of over 30,000 students and 1000 faculty. Although these people pass by the grates and manholes that lead to the tunnels every day, few realize what lies beneath.

The steam pipes in the tunnels originate at the power plant in the corner of campus and connect to most of the buildings on campus. Water at the plant is heated into steam by either coal or natural gas and then used to turn a turbine to generate electricity. The steam then travels to each building, where it is used for heating, cooking, sterilizing, autoclaving, and more.


Mike Tigas is a developer, journalist, photographer, civic hacker, and security/privacy tinkerer. He works at ProPublica and is a core contributor to the Tor Project.

A small selection of photographs follows. All photos are © Mike Tigas, All Rights Reserved, and may not be re-used without permission.


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