Silk Road Market founder Ross Ulbricht makes $100k Bitcoin

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  • January 1, 2021
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The maker of the Silk Road’s Market’s notoriously weak web business focus has predicted that Bitcoin could reach $100,000 by 2020.

Ross Ulbricht received two life sentences despite serving 40 years without the possibility of parole on charges of illegal duty evasion, PC hacking, a stunt to traffic fake files, and importance to traffic sedatives by techniques for the web.

Silkroad market

ross ulbrchit founder of silk road market
ross ulbrchit founder of silk road market

The Silk Road worked through the Tor web program with drug specialists in Bitcoin. It was one of bitcoin’s main uses and one that saw its popularity soar around the world.

At ulbricht’s hour of denouncing in 2015, Bitcoin was worth just $235 after a two-year bear market that saw it tumble from $1,150 in late 2013.

Through and through, making the prison, Ulbricht claims that by using the Elliott Wave Theory, Bitcoin’s future costs end up being more obvious. He has suggested that the $20,000 summit in 2017 was the third wave and that the looming fifth wave will drive the cost to $100,000.

“In the event that the $20,000 summit is completing golf three, by which time the change plan we are in (or just stood out) is golf four, and we can expect golf five to take us to new record-breaking highs,” he said.

The post on Ulbricht’s Medium redirect is the latest in a line of motions, with one article also being appropriated in September on how Bitcoin compares to the Libertarian ideal of chance.

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