Georgia man pleads guilty to lying to an employer about Covid infection

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  • January 1, 2021
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A man in Georgia admitted to defrauding his director of countless dollars by pretending to find a Covid-19.

Santwon Antonio Davis, 35, of Morrow, Georgia, admitted to wire deception in the aftermath of sending his director a doctored clinical statement that ensured he had contracted Covid-19.

Santwon Antonio Davis, 35 Criminal
Santwon Antonio Davis, 35 Criminal

The Atlanta District Attorney’s Office ordered the scene in a public articulation.

In the wake of getting some answers about Mr. Davis’s condition, his chief shut down his factory and obtained a cleaning meeting to filter the workspace. It also located a few different specialists on paid leave, which cost the association more than $100,000, according to examiners.

“The respondent made trivial money related incident to his supervisor and hurt his associates and their families,” U.S. Attorney Byung J Pak said in a statement.

Mr Davis over the long haul surrendered that he fabricated his finding and later admitted to bank cheating for giving false information to a home advance association.

In that condition, Davis applied for a home loan that, according to the inspectors, recalled lies for his business history and benefit.

The date of Mr Davis’s court has not been set.

According to Chris Hacker, an FBI expert in Atlanta, Mr Davis is a singular case in a rash of trying to take advantage of the disease by friars.

“Cheats continue to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic through a combination of resources,” he said.

In August, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp said the state’s Department of Health had received reports that Georgians drank fallen chlorine dioxide and used concentrates of oleander – a destructive plant – as Covid medications.

Not well before Georgians started using the oleander, Donald Trump had said he was considering pushing it as a potential therapeutic, and not sometime before they started drinking chlorine, the mixture was exhibited to them as ‘Wonder Mineral Solution.’

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