Ex-girlfriend of dark web Mastermind Ross Ulbricht Wanted By FBI

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  • January 2, 2021
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Old dark web mastermind Ross Ulbricht’s girlfriend (owner of silk road market place) dating a man wanted by the FBI.

Silkroad Market Ross Ulbricht

Julia Vie Ross X Girl Friend

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In 2013, 29-year-old Ross Ulbricht was caught by the FBI at a property called Silk Road. On the site, people from around the world could buy and sell illegal prescriptions, weapons, harmful substances, and organizations, for example, PC hacking.

In Silk Road social events, customers can even talk about s before use. In the three years of its existence, Silk Road collected more than $200 million in the highest pay schemes, with Ulbricht taking a cut to each scheme.

Ulbricht made Silk Road out of pain to an open business where people could buy and trade everything they needed without the government rule. To keep track of customers and its own haziness, Ulbricht set up Silk Road on the weak web, a bit of the web that is imperceptible to standard web lists. Silk Road did not recognize any money or charging cards; customers expect to pay with bitcoin, automated money.

All transactions were mixed and therefore untraceable. These activities put the site on the radar of several law enforcement workplaces, including the FBI’s best New York automated meeting.

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