What is browser fingerprint?

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  • March 25, 2020
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A browser fingerprint is a technology to track unique users when users visit the website. Fingerprints can leak lots of your private information that can leak your original identity even while using incognito mode.

Browser fingerprint

The browser fingerprint found in 2010 in 10 years there are lots of engineers are researching fingerprints and they have their own free services to check your browser fingerprints like panopticlick.

Site for check fingerprint: https://amiunique.org/


You can check almost every single browser fingerprints that can easily detect.

HTTP headers attributesJavascript attributes
Content encodingCookies enabled
Content languageTimezone
Upgrade Insecure RequestsContent language
Sec-fetch-destList of fonts (JS)

Is the tor doesn’t leak your browser fingerprint?

Yes, you can see my chrome browser fingerprints results in incognito mode and tor browser results that you can also try using aminuque website or panopiclick.

Chrome browser result incognito mode

chrome Browser fingerprint 1 in incognito mode
chrome Browser fingerprint 1 in incognito mode
chrome Browser fingerprint 1 in incognito mode

Tor browser result

Tor browser fingerprint result 1
Tor browser fingerprint result 1

The difference in both browser

Chrome incognito modeTor browser
WebGL Vendor: Detected WebGL Vendor: N/A
WebGL Renderer: 30 different extensions WebGL Renderer: N/A
WebGL Vendor: Google IncWebGL Vendor: N/A
Screen Size: DetectedScreen size: not detected

There are lots of many more differences in both browser result that is why tor still stands on no1 for protecting your privacy online.

Browser fingerprints and device fingerprints are common can detect while even using a VPN. That is the reason so many office workers using the tor browser for hiding there business personal database for tracking other people.

For hiding fingerprints from the pc use, the tor via flash drive can hide lots of window databases while we open a javascript file or run a flash file that can leave a fingerprint into your device also because the javascript and flash drive is connected to yours.

Is your browser still unique?

For finding more about the browser fingerprint, please read the complete PDF of eff book https://panopticlick.eff.org/static/browser-uniqueness.pdf

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