Best and Simple Way To Check Your Website Really Is Anonymous

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  • April 11, 2020
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After making an onion website, do you think is your site is really anonymous, are you really secure or can cops bust you anytime?

Is your website anonymous

Everyone has the same questions in mind while having their own dark web site the first time. This is not possible to say that you are safe because cops are always success because of your one single mistake.

In this post we will introduce to a simple tool to check your website is really anonymous or you did a mistake in your privacy like EXIF data.

Note: That tool can only check your common privacy problems for more security we will write another article like building a server over a VPN or multiple bridges. Important using a normal VPN on the server can give you very slow speed big websites like shopping carts can’t handle, use multiple VPS servers for building a server behind VPN, in common language use one VPS as your VPN.

onionscan website anonymity checker
OnionScan Correlation


The best simple tool to fix your common errors while having a first-time onion website.

OnlineScan Download link:

For checking a website anonymity errors you have to download it from the above URL and install it on a Linux computer. The installation guide can be found on the same page also you can read it below.


Onionscan required software called Go


Grab with go get

go get

After running the binary it


Once you have cloned the repository, that you can find it you can run

go install

If you don’t common Linux command you can practice it using a Virtual box, some people use virtual box to use the dark web because they can destroy it after using it. There is no chance of having java or flash cookies.

Complete guide of installing ubuntu virtual box you can find here:

Quick start

For simple reporting

onionscan notarealhiddenservice.onion

The most interesting output comes from the verbose option:

onionscan –verbose notarealhiddenservice.onion

There is also a JSON output

onionscan –jsonReport notarealhiddenservice.onion

If you like to use a proxy server listing a different IP address

onionscan –torProxyAddress= notarealhiddenservice.onion

What OnionScan Scan?

  • Building a fingerprint
  • Determine your client IP address
  • Determine other sites
  • How active is your website (website speed)
  • Hidden area of your onion site

Open directories:

The software can tell your open directories, people can find your site hidden images, folders or files.

Exif tags

Whether you create them or you allowed users to uploads images or files metadata associated with the image is stripped.

Server fingerprints

  • Http header
  • Fingerprint of image
  • Website folder

Analytics IDs

Some website users use thirty party code to determine their website usage or count the website hits.

PGP Identities

OnionScan helps you to extract PGP in order to grab identifiers like an email address.


OnionScan can collect all the information about your SSH and can tell the version of the software.


The OnionScan collects the information about the other web servers, mostly all the software banners. These banners can leak all of your information sometimes like your original IP address.

Cryptocurrency Clients

OnineScan can scan for common cryptocurrency clients including bitcoin.

Protocol Detection

The software can scan other software also XMPP, VNC, Ricochet.

Most readable tip from our website

  1. While hosting an onion website or planing for hosting a website using a clean pc. You can use Antivirus, VPN, CCleaner, Password manager, PGP key software or any other software suggested by our website.
  2. Directly install VPN on a router (Always connect your pc though a VPN using a wifi lan)
  3. Make all transaction with the cryptocurrency
  4. Use tor browser using a USB
  5. Don’t run any other activities on that computer
  6. You can use facebook onion version as a social network (an account tor browser)

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