Receive PGP Mails Or Send PGP Mails (Encrypt or Dectypte Messages)

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  • April 3, 2020
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In this post, we going to teach you how to generate keys, send or receive PGP mails (encrypt PGP messages or decrypt PGP messages) in a few seconds without downloading any software.

I know all the new dark web users have the same issues with the PGP emails and messages. I also had the same problem in sending PGP encrypted messages.

Generate PGP Key

First of all visit the page:

  • Type your email address
  • Type your password in next tab
  • Hit the generate PGP keys

Generate PGP key Tutorial Image 1
PGP generate image 1
Generated PGP key image
Generated PGP key image

After hitting the generate button your PGP keys look like that above in the image.

Save both keys (public and private) into notepad or online pasting services like For more security purpose you can use dark web Pastebin services like deeppaste.

You can share your Public key on your website, vendors or anyone in the world to send you a PGP encrypted message that you going to decrypt using your private PGP key that you have generated before in the last step.

Send PGP Encrypted Messages

Sending PGP Encrypted messages is as simple as generating PGP keys.

First go that page:

  • Type the public PGP key of the message receiver (website owner, Vendor) you can test it with your public key also that you have generated in the last step.
  • Type your message you want to send (hi, dear friend, etc).
  • Now hit the encrypt message button
Send PGP Encrypted Messages Tutorial Image
  • You will get the encrypted message the same as your PGP key.
encrypted message
  • Simply send an encrypted message using an email, The Message receiver (Website vendor or owner) will decrypt it with his private PGP key.
  • If you have used own public key for testing you can decrypt the message using your own private key.

Decrypt PGP Message

For decrypt PGP message just visit the same website decrypt page:

  • Type the private keys
  • Type the encrypted message (same look like PGP key above in the image)
  • Password if you had chosen
  • Click on decrypt

You have to share public keys with users’ friends, family or clients to send you an encrypted message. Do not share your private keys.

Same example while you contact a vendor, You going to use vendor public key to encrypt the message. You can share your public key also with a vendor to send you encrypted emails or messages that time you going to decrypt the message using your private keys.

In a simple way:

  • Share public keys with others to receive a PGP message or use other public keys to send them encrypted messages via email or messenger.
  • Use your key to decrypt the received message.

If you still need help with generating a PGP key you can contact us via comment.

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