How to get a custom onion domain name?

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  • April 9, 2020
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Every onion website owner wants to get a custom onion domain name for there hidden onion website because the onion domain is too difficult to remember and the onion domain URL is too big now.

Custom onion domain

So here we go, if you are new to the onion website you can read our complete tutorial of hosting an onion website into windows pc using wampserver.

Please read the complete guide carefully, if you have any questions regarding having an own onion website you can ask a question via comment or Reddit tor forums.

You will get onion domain-like: sdpwiqj6hzflrjlszokmfl7p7gca7m4qac3btooerahcm2dsfghn.onion

It’s really too hard to remember and there is no website watermark or name inside the URL.

After making an onion website you need to download the latest version of

Here is the direct download link:

Step 1. Download the zip file and unzip it


Step 2. Copy the scallion-v2.0 and paste it onto C drive (You can rename the folder to scallion.

Step 3. Start command prompt

custom onion domain name tutorial

Step 4. Now type cd ../ ../


Step 5. Open the scallion directory typing cd scallion

Custom onion domain tutorial image 5

Step 6. Now run the .exe file typing scallion.exe -d 0 your user name

Final tutorial image with the onion domain name including the private key

You can see my new custom domain name above in the image jatin3zjcl5cdnqy.onion included with my all-new private key.

Step 7. Go to your onion hostname page or tor_services folder that we have mentioned in the last tutorial linked above in the post.

Tor hostname image

Step 7. open the hostname file delete the old onion URL and place the new one also replace the secret private key.

If you are hosting an onion website on Linux user you need an Nvidia docker container.

Prerequisites for Linux users

  • Get the latest mono 
  • Install Common dependencies

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install libssl-dev mono-devel

  • AMD/OpenSource build

sudo apt-get install ocl-icd-opencl-dev

  • Nvidia build

sudo apt-get install nvidia-opencl-dev nvidia-opencl-icd

msbuild scallion.sln

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