Download or Save Files More Securely While Having Illegal Content

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  • April 15, 2020
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Downloading content directly to your Cloud drive can provide you most security, a few days later 1 guy was arrested for downloading 10000 kids’ porn images and videos.

Downloading porn or adult pictures are not illegal but child porn can take you to some risk.

You can hide almost everything downloading files directly to your cloud server that is going to help you with privacy.

If you are a website owner you may use this service to upload website files, folders, videos, or any content. I use to download every private file on a cloud server.


It is one of the best websites for Drop files onto your favorite cloud server or an FTP server. The website also has no captcha issues with the tor browser.

How to download files to cloud servers using URL?

It’s simple like pressing a button, all you have to do is signup over multcloud click on the add file using a URL add the URL of the file and drop the file onto the multi-cloud. You can drop almost everything preview is also available of images and video files.

Multcloud tutorial image

You can use this service to upload your website images using the FTP addon or if you want to send a file via secure mail.

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