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  • January 8, 2020
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The dark web has lots of hackers sites, you can hire them for a little hacking job or high profile jobs for hijacking a complete website. Many more dark web site links are available on our directory.

Recently Iraq hacker hacked us government federal website and put the Donald Trump photo on the website.

The hacker group called them the Iraq cybersecurity group.

us government website hacked and this is the picture they uploaded to the website

you can read full news on independent

Do you want to hire some good hackers?

There are lots of hackers available over the dark web that can hack for you in a few bucks. Dark web hackers link you can find in our directory from the menu and we will post some good hackers links below in this post.

What kind of job they do?

  • Facebook (Account)
  • Gmail (Google account, Gmail)
  • Yahoo (Yahoomail, or yahoo account)
  • DDOS Attack
  • Server Hijacking
  • All other social networks also (twitter, Instagram)
  • My SQL Attacks
  • Complete website hijack

Dark web hackers links

Rent a Hackerhttp://2ogmrlfzdthnwkez.onion/
 Hacking is an Arthttp://vb75uj2ap3hyyava.onion/
 Hack Group  http://hackerrljqhmq6jb.onion/

If you don’t know how to access the dark web may go to our must-read page.

To visit any onion website you need to download the tor-browser.

There are lots of more links available you can find using dark web search engines or our dark web links directory.

How much they charge for there services?

Small Jobs: Email and Facebook hacking, installing trojans, Small DDOS (250 EUR).

Mediums Jobs: ruining people, espionage, website hacking, DDOS for big websites (500 EUR).

Large Jobs: Hijacking a website completely for a huge time (1000 to 100000 EUR)

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56 comments on “Dark Web Hackers Site Links

    1. You have to join dark web forums like the dread forum, make a post on a dread forum they will help you there onion link you can find into our directory.

      You can become a vendor on popular websites or you can create an own onion website choosing a hosting provider or host on your computer

  1. necesito un link de un hacker especialista en intervencion de telefono celular quiero localizar a una persona mediante su numero no me importa cuanto cueste

  2. If you want a hacker for hire service , you can simply get on deep web and find your self a hacker for yourself . You should not go about hire hackers with gmail account . I was scammed twice by those hungry guys . Research made me find out HL forum where you can see tons of hackers for your self and make your choice . Barrysanchez AT hackermail DOTcom is one of the guys I found will legit services , that can even give you proof before payment if he wishes . Make enough research before you hire anyone to hack for you .

  3. contact [wisetechhacker @ gmail com , to help you recover your stolen bitcoins and hack bank account for you

  4. Hi I need help to hook a Phone on my wife in Mexico so if you can help me later to see what is going on is a Samsung telephone that she has and to see on her what’s up and message things like that please contact me thank you

  5. i want to become a darkweb member and learn the hacking skills . i need assistance pleased . i have long dreamt of becoming a hacker .
    i need help

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  8. წერილი ჩვენგან ჩვენ ყველაფერს შევცვლით X-P?

  9. Your Rent a hacker link is suspect. I sent them money ten days ago. Have not heard a word back from them.

  10. I contacted some hackers to ask to go into the emailbox to discover the spying of a responsable of the service IT who spied my private emailbox and informed other colleagues which leaded to bullying me for years. The problem i had is that a certain hacker cheated on me. That’s why i have certain conditions : i want to do a payment in slices and please a reasonable fee. I will pay the second part after i have received the result. I prefer not to do a payment by WU nor Moneygram nor bitcoins. Me too i will a certain guaranty and the payment i will do is a transfer to a bank account and info of the beneficiary. The info i will sent is conerning myself and the company, so it is strongly confidential. The beneficiary will have more influence on me than i on him. If you go agree to make deal with me just let me know how i can contact you. In the past i red an article concerning hacking and there was also something written by pseudo KAL TENGUS. If someone should know him i would like to contact him also. Je suis aussi francophone.

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