Russian Boys Busted For Selling Fake Money Over Hydra Markets

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  • April 12, 2020
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Russian boys from the Nizhny Novgorod manufacturing fake high-quality fake notes worth of billion rubles over the popular dark-web market hydra.

russian fake money
Russian money

According to the Moscow authority, police found the counterfeiting operation after some fake notes turned up in Tatarstan in 2019. Police found that they selling high-quality notes across the country.

Police have discovered the gang is selling the fake notes since January 2019 and the gang members did not know personally.

The mastermind of the falsification was named Nizhny Novgorod, residents Oleg Efimov, Ivan Averof, and Andrey Skvortsov. According to the Russian police, the criminal group made more than 3000 transactions. The price of 500000 rubles of just 10-15 percent.

All the Payments were made with bitcoin.

Hydra is a dark web resource that can be only accessed by the Tor browser and it’s not possible to find every accomplice.

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