Portuguese police bust darknet-based counterfeit cash network

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  • October 19, 2020
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The Portuguese police busted 5 people for running a counterfeit cash network including the suspected kingpin who was extradited from Colombia, police said on 10 September 2020.

counterfeit cash network

The Portuguese have a counterfeit ring that use dark web sites to use sell fake bank notes. In the complete operation, the police found they send 25000 bank notes worth more than a million euros.

counterfeit network bank notes
counterfeit network bank notes

The ring was the seconds largest found over the dark web, according to the euro pool. The hidden papers leaked their private name called deep money. In the final statement of Portuguese criminal investigation, they said that 5 people are in custody as a suspect of organized crime.

Cops also seized more than 7000 euro bank notes worth of 70,000 euros during searches around Portugal, as well as objects used in counterfeiting including computers.

More you can read about it on yahoo news and more latest news of dark web you can find out in our dark web news area.

“Counterfeit notes were advertised in one of the darknet’s main markets, and orders were received either through private messaging.

The term “darknet” refers to networks and sites hidden from most internet users and accessible only to those shrouded in anonymity who seek to buy and sell illegal goods ranging from drugs to stolen data and fake IDs.

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