Site Personal Data Stolen And Is On Sale On Dark Web

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  • October 19, 2020
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According to a cybersecurity firm, personal data is available for sale over the dark web site. The data have more than 5 lakh users info.

Prime Minister Narender Modi personal website data stolen, with complete information contact information, email ids, and 2 lakh people who have donated through the website to various funds, including to the coronavirus fund. official site image official site image

The priminter office decline to answer for this topic.

The criminals can use the data for any kind of fraud because the data have mostly users complete details. The hacker also hacked Narender Modi’s personal Twitter account. That news you can check on the BBC official website.

PM Modi’s Twitter account hacked

On 30 Oct Twitter CEO confirmed that Narender Modi’s personal account was hacked by the hackers, maybe the hackers can sell the data for a huge amount of money. There are two tweets founds from the hacker, asking for donating bitcoin for PM nation relief fund.

Dark web onion website is made for hackers and criminals that are already behind multiple IP that is very hard to detect. Hackers that is why to choose tor as the best place to sell their database securely, even they only expect bitcoins as a payment method.

Indian cybersecurity team trying to trace the hackers also the sellers over the dark web

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