More than 170 million user data of Weibo available on the dark web

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  • March 28, 2020
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Chinese most popular social network site Weibo 170 million users data are available over the dark web for sale.

According to the blockchain and other news websites, the basic information of the Weibo user is available for 0.l7BTC. The users’ data is available with the user’s private information also like driving license, id proofs, phone numbers many more.

Weibo image
Weibo image

Weibo already confirmed the privacy issue with there website.

Mostly, users, phone number database was leaked because of the forced matching with the address book API in 2019.

As a Cointelegraph confirms that the same thing happens to Facebook and other social networks also. More than 419 Facebook users database including there phone numbers were sold over the dark web.

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