Is the tor browser safe?

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  • October 21, 2019
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Too many people searching or looking for the best privacy tools over the internet.

How safe is the tor browser?

Tor browser is the safest browser in the world, in Iran, there are 10000 of blocked domains available they use to use tor for there privacy.

Journalists and politicians also using the Tor browser for hiding there personal information and searches.

In the latest version of the tor browser, you can easily publish content to sites anonymously.

Whenever you use a VPN you are safe but hiding behind the tor browser id the best security option over the internet in 2019.

What are the latest security updates of the tor browser?

tor browser image
  • Tolerate systems (including some Android installations)
  • Minor features (stem tests, backport from
  • Faster speed

for more security updates you can find tor blog site

Tor provides the best options for access blocked websites securely, unblock any website that’s are blocked into your country without having a VPN.

VPN only can unblock the website buy tor can provide you the best privacy options including unblocking a site.

What kind of tracer they are stopping?

For a simple experience, you can download privacy begger extension or start visiting the website.

You can see there is lot’s of tracers are trying to trace your data, gov and advertisement companies also can trace your data for there own purpose.

While you use tor browser there are no tracers are available, in the latest security updates they have disabled more than all possible tracers.

Am I safe while using the tor browser?

Yes, you are safe while you are doing some natural work

When you try to buy some dangerous or illegal products like drugs or weapons there is little chance of having risk.

If you get caught you are the unluckiest man in million of people. Every month millions of users use to buy party drugs from the dark web market.

We always recommend you to use a VPN before buying or selling drugs over the internet and always use cryptocurrency as your transaction.

For more security updates please check out the must-read page.

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