What is a DNS leak test?

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  • October 4, 2019
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So many people are finding the DNS leak test over the internet

Your DNS information can be leaked by VPN any time in the last post we teach you how to use multiple VPNs at the same time.

What is DNS leak?

Your internet is divided into two-part’s, Where you connect a website and receive the data from any website or app that makes the website live.

Whenever you try to find the location of the website you computer need’s to connect to the website DNS server or IP address where is the website hosted.

The example you are downloading a video or mp3 from my website, you get data from my website server (DNS) and from my IP address.

Even I can find who is downloading the video or any file because you are connected to my website server.

(this why tor browser is secure and onion website can’t trace you in tor browser you are hiding your self multiple IP’s.)

just come back to the DNS leak test

When you connect VPN to visit a website or download anything your’s real IP is already hiding even you’re connecting throw different DNS and the owner of the website or other tracers can’t trace you.

Without a VPN your ISP provider can sell your information your connecting to the website and some other data.

a DNS leak also tells information about your ISP and your location to the websites you visit. Essentially, DNS leaks make your VPN mostly irrelevant.

How does DNS leak happen?

It’s just can because of your Bad VPN experience always buy VPN after checking the DNS leak test.

DNS openings aren’t express to some working system, yet they might be progressively ordinary with explicit plans, dependent upon your VPN provider; you can continue running into breaks on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and some other contraption or working structure you’d partner with a VPN with.

As a rule, your affiliation is developed thusly without your knowledge or unequivocal direction in light of the fact that VPN clients you download from your provider set things up for you. Regardless, on the off chance that you’re using a default OpenVPN plan, it will be needy upon you to ensure your affiliation seeks after this model.

How to know your DNS is leaking?

There is a lot of ways to test you’s DNS leak, the easiest way is to check DNS leak test open https://www.dnsleaktest.com in your browser and start checking your dns leak.

Below is my DNS leak test.

I am using Tor Guard as my VPN

Feel free to share your DNS leak test via comments

You can test your DNS leak using a torrent link also

Below is my DNS leak test of Tor Guard

for more VPN DNS leak test will be here later

my DNS leak test over ipmagnet

What to do if your DNS is leaked?

Mostly vpn’s are listed on our website are DNS leak-tested, you can build an open VPN client on your own VPS server. setuping an open VPN over a cheap VPS server read here https://www.darkweblist.com/2019/dark-web/top-carding-sites-for-dark-web-carders/

If you don’t know how to set up an Open VPN in own server.

For practice we recommend you to get a cheap VPS from namecheap.com or free trials available at digitalocean, Vultra, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure Edge, Amazon AWS.

Namecheap accept bitcoin as a payment method (if you scared of some privacy reasons)

they are the some best trail provider for start practice with the Tor or ubuntu and set up a server.

VPN KILL SWITCH To Improve Your DNS Security

There’s another choice when you’re not kidding about halting VPN spills. You can utilize a VPN off button to close down your Internet get to totally when not associated with the VPN. Some customer programming incorporates an off button; check your customer’s settings to check whether you have one accessible. It’s as a rule as simple as checking a crate.

FIREWALL (Anti-Virus Firewall can warn you if any open trying to attack your ISP)

A firewall can likewise fill in as a VPN off button. One can be set up to avoid all associations outside of the VPN and your nearby system. The firewall choice isn’t for everybody, and it’s not constantly least demanding, yet it very well may be the most dependable.

We recommend using VPN directly to your router this will can provide you more security, in the windows network properties always select obtain DNS automatically or freenom DNS is better choice while you have installed a VPN into your router.

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