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How to run tor-browser over socks proxy?

If you are thinking of having more protection while using a tor-browser, first we recommend you to use VPN’s always.

Purchasing VPN’s account using bitcoins can provide you more anonymity.

Tor browser already running behind 3 IP addresses that are is most difficult to encrypt data between 3 IP Addresses.

Running tor browser via USB can hide your original device (mac address, windows)

You can run tor browser over socks proxy for more protection

  • Download tor-browser
  • Install It
  • No click on options
  • Type proxy in the above search bar
Here is the example
  • Select the options in the right socks4 or socks5

If it’s not working for you, you can use socks proxy or https proxy using

  • Install the proxifier
  • Now click on profile (then select name resolution)
  • Select the options to solve hostname through proxy
  • Now choose a proxy server from thee menu

Where to purchase secure socks 5 proxy?

You can purchase it from or buy proxies from .

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