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How to uninstall tor browser?

After a tor browser updates my browser just stopped working if you are facing the same issue, or can’t find the uninstall option via the control panel.

How to uninstall tor browser?

  • Step 1: just find the tor browser icon located on the desktop right click and open properties to find the URL of the tor browser location in your window.
  • Now paste it in any folder before search bar

You can try to run the updater for solving the issue or completely delete the folder and install the tor browser again.

You can install tor browser again without deleting anything from your browser also.

Uninstall tor browser using cmd

  • dir /s /a /b “tor” >> \\users\\%%name\\desktop\\TorInstalationAdress.txt
    dir /s /a /b “vidalia” >> \\users\\%%name\\desktop\\TorInstalationAdress.txt

If you have more issues in installing or running tor browser you can run it via USB flash drive

Still having issues with the tor browser installation or anything else you can just try out our help forums located over Reddit.






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