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Top Carding Sites For Dark Web Carders

If you are new to dark web carding sites.

Don’t know where to cash your cards online?

Here is the complete list of carding sites over the dark web

  • techbuy.com.au
  • buymac.com.au
  • wellcoolstuff.com
  • Amazon.com
  • Apple.com (iTunes Gift Card)
  • e-s-m.com
  • e-inSITE.net
  • zzounds.com
  • abercrombie.com
  • tokyopop.com
  • audio4sale.com
  • avatargems.com
  • batteries4less.com
  • bluefly.com
  • liverpoolfc.com
  • juvestore.com
  • liverpoolfc.com
  • juvestore.com
  • blade-x.net
  • bootsonline.com.au
  • dotster.com

Many more carding sites available please subscribe us for latest updated of carding sites.

What is security requirement for swapping a card online?

  • Install VPN Proxy Over The Router(Express VPN)
  • Get some socks proxy
  • Setup open vpn over the Linux
  • Use Linux server as a socks proxy
  • Use Remote desktopWindows RDP

How to setup open VPN ubuntu?

after running

wget https://git.io/vpn -O openvpn-install.sh && bash openvpn-install.sh

Download open vpn file from filezilla (just open your server file folder download open vpn file to your computer)


How to use Socks proxy using Putty?

  • Enter your server ip address in putty
  • Click On SSH click on tunnels
  • Select ipv4 or ipv4 click on dynamic
  • Open network setting in your browser
  • Click on Local proxy

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