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Dark Web

Messed Things Over The Dark Web


With lot’s of genuine shops there is a lot of scammers also available over the dark web. After shutdown the biggest dark net markets like alphabay, silkroad, dream market, wall-street market.

Scammers always try to steel your money and took down the entire site

it was closed down just posted phony items, took installments in Bitcoin, and after that brought down the locales altogether, vanishing with several individuals’ Bitcoin.

Always check the Vendors ratings before buying the products over the dark web market place

Chance of getting busted

It can be your bad luck, always read full guide of accessing the dark web,

How to use multiple VPN at same time?

How to access the dark web?

Best VPN in 2019

Must read:

Always use a better VPN before visiting a tor website (VPN provide always more security)

Don’ run any other programs while using tor activity

Antivirus can warn you if any one trying to enter into your network

Tor Browser is enough secure but some times you can make some mistakes that’s why we recommend you to get a better vpn

Dark web hiding too many hacks and attacks

Dark web sites facing attacks by government and other detective agency working for government.

Dark web selling best hacking and virus tools also, they can hack anything like you can never imagine 

Hackers dump stolen Ashley Madison data onto the Dark Web in 2015

read more about ashley madison

Military Drone Documents Leaked on the Dark Web


Initial analysis into the leak of sensitive military information regarding the MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle was initiated as the result of analysts monitoring criminal activity on deep and dark web forums and marketplaces REad More

Dark Web Heaven For Terrorist And hate groups

There is a lot of news on the dark web ISIS is using the dark web or selling product over the dark web

Dark web is pretty secure ISIS use to communicate there

I am just trying to finding some ISIS links if they appear  i will update the post

Weapons are available for sale

https://www.darkweblist.com/category/dark-web-news/The another dangerous thing over the deep dark web weapons are available for sale over the dark web.

Munich Gunman Allegedly Bought Gun from the Dark Web

Another gun busted news can found over dark web news

Hit Man Service Over The Dark Web

Another worst thing over the dark web hit-man service is available for every one

Chloe Ayling was kidnapped and kidnapper was trying to sale her over the dark web.

The Black Death Group

More than 10000 types of drugs available for sale

Dark web have more than 10K types of drugs available for sale over the dark web sites.

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