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Munich Gunman Allegedly Bought Gun from the Dark Web

David Ali Sonboly, the Munich killer, reportedly bought the Glock 17 pistol from the dark web.

The German police said that though the serial number of the reactivated gun with which the 18-year-old killed nine people was scratched off, it appeared as though it is of Slovakian origin.

Further, the police confirmed that Sonboly lured the victims to a McDonald’s outlet in a shopping center by making use of a fake Facebook account.

However, the victims, mostly teenagers, were not his classmates.

Robert Heimberger, investigator, said that Sonboly visited a previous school shooting site in Winnenden and took photographs as part of his planning.

Reports also indicated that he loved playing first-person shooter video games, including Counter-Strike.

Authorities, however, ruled out the possibility of any political motive behind the crime but confirmed that he had undergone two-month treatment for depression in 2015 as a psychiatric inpatient.

Sonboly was reportedly obsessed with mass killings, and police are investigating claims that Sonboly might have been inspired by Anders Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media in Germany is making an all-out effort to link the dark web and bitcoin to the Munich shootings.

The allegation was started off by many German news outlets as payments are often made in bitcoins for purchases made on the dark web.

Of late, Germany has witnessed several terrorist attacks, and the Munich shooting was one of the worst.

Law enforcement agencies are investigating the shooter and the weapon used in the attack.

Though preliminary reports link the weapon and dark web, it should be kept in mind that the investigation is not yet over, and there is no conclusive evidence that links the terror attack to either the dark web or bitcoin.

However, the rumors have spurred a new debate as to whether the German government should further crack down cryptocurrency.

Many politicians are of the opinion that bitcoin enables anonymity.

Bitcoin has been linked to terrorism and attacks in the past as well.

Even though ISIL has claimed the responsibility for the Munich shootings, a recent UK parliament report shows that there is no connection between bitcoin and ISIL.

Further, these developments have forced the German government to appeal for an EU-wide gun control following the Munich shootings as a teenager could successfully buy a Glock handgun and 300 rounds of ammunition through the dark web.

This is because Germany enforces tough gun laws and it is not easy for a teenage boy to legally obtain a gun in the country.

German interior minister Thomas de Maiziere said that Germany would think of further toughening its gun laws.

He also called for the implementation of a common policy for the European Union.

However, he said that the first step is to determine as to how the perpetrators of the Munich shootings procured the gun.

Discussions have been going on for implementing a common gun control law, but currently, the laws vary from one country to another.

For example, anyone with no history of mental illness or a criminal record can automatically obtain a gun license.

Though the laws are relatively strict in Slovakia, there are concerns about gun control in the country.

In last year’s Paris attack, it is believed that decommissioned guns bought from Slovakia have been used.

Belgium is also thought of as a source for buying guns illegally in Europe.

Guns used in terror attacks in Paris in November are believed to have been purchased in Belgium.

The dark web is also likely to be scrutinized with renewed vigor if it is proved that Sonboly bought the gun from a darknet marketplace.

Illegal activities like selling contraband items, Explicit content, etc., are carried out on the dark web.

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