DNS Providers That Don’t Log Queries

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  • June 14, 2019
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There is really no limit to what every individual would expect from their domain name service (DNS) provider. The pages should download fast, it should be secure, it should offer total privacy, and so on. But not all DNS providers can promise this.

While surfing speed can be superior, you are never sure if your website or IP address is secure and if your DNS queries are being logged or not. This is why it’s important to choose the best DNS provider that assures you that no logs are kept of your browsing history or the queries you type. There are many such providers you can switch to for your privacy needs. Some are listed here:

A brief explanation of why it’s important to find a DNS provider that doesn’t log users’ queries, with examples.
  1. FreeDNS

As the name suggests, this is a free DNS server. FreeDNS gives you an assurance up front that it won’t maintain any logs. The premise here is that your ISP may include a redirect on the IP address assigned to you on their server and the moment you type in a URL, you may be directed to a page that you did not intend to visit. By opting to change your IP address to the one assigned by FreeDNS, you are safe and secure that only genuine sites are opened, and no logs are kept of your queries in the process.

  1. Watch

This DNS provider firmly declares it believes in freedom for all users. As such, its service is also free. DNS. Watch gives the option to choose from two different distinct IP addresses called “DNS resolvers.” Users can simply input the operating system their connected device is working on. Apart from the most popular Windows and Mac OS, open platforms like Linux are also covered by DNS.Watch’s service. Their site gives a detailed step-by-step tutorial that takes you through the process of subscribing to the service.

  1. UncensoredDNS

This Denmark-based DNS service is run by an individual out of self-interest. The service provider gives different IP addresses for Danish subscribers.UncensoredDNS is a good option for locals to the region who are looking for good DNS options.

Common Features of DNS Providers

There is really no limit to what every individual would expect from their domain name service (DNS) provider.

Some of the common features of these DNS services appear similar. As already indicated, all of them assure that there will be no logs kept of the queries entered by users, ensuring all-around privacy. Also, they are all offered free of charge. However, those keen to make a contribution can do so through the leads provided on their respective sites. They do incur costs in maintaining their sites and in making the service available. Some already have sponsors who support them.

Easily Accessible by Everyone

Another aspect is that these DNS providers have made it quite simple to sign up, as indicated above. Obviously, there will be different processes for the various operating systems the devices are running on. These processes are quite simple and can be followed by anyone, not just the tech-savvy.

Further Explaining the Need for “No Logs” DNS

If you are still wondering why to take all this trouble to change your IP address to a DNS provider that assures they’re not tracking your queries and logging them on their servers, here’s a brief explanation: The usual parallel cited is that it’s like a phone number.

There is a unique number assigned to each phone connection, and although you may identify it through the user, such as “home” or “office” or “wife” or “boss,” you cannot use these names to make the connection. Instead, you have to dial the precise numbers. With the internet, it is the same principle at play. A typical website you are familiar with, such as Google, is assigned a number which is known as their internet protocol (or IP) address. This is how the computers recognize the query you input, taking you to the desired destination on the World Wide Web. That’s why it’s incredibly essential to have a secure DNS provider that doesn’t log your data.

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